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Mainline Passives


MGLSH series 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz mainline splitters come in 2-port, 3-port, and 3-port balanced configurations.

Directional Couplers

Antronix directional couplers are built to last. 6 kV ring wave protected and encased in zinc alloy die-cast housing, plated with nickel alloy.

Power Inserters

Antronix high current power inserter can handle up to 30 amperes of AC input.

Line Equalizers

Available with Antronix patented Milenium USP with dual make-before-break switch for uninterrupted signal and power.

Antronix offers an extensive series of main line passives to meet every design requirement. We manufacture and distribute 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz power inserters, line splitters, and directional couplers that can handle 15 amperes continuously on all ports. As an additional reliability measure, all units can withstand 25 amperes for two hours. The main line passives can also withstand multiple 6 kV surges (per IEEE C62.41-1991 Cat. B3). Antronix main line passives have a 4-stage corrosion protection process to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

To ensure our main line passives exceed industry performance standards, Antronix has developed a proprietary ferrite core material and circuit design. This design, and an environmentally robust housing, provide unmatched performance and reliability.

With the C-series, Antronix also offers high-current main line passives. With these passives, the PCB can be mounted in the housing for troubleshooting without interrupting upstream and downstream signal or power when the baseplate is removed.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz bandwidth
  • Rotational seizure posts
  • 6 kV surge withstand on all ports
  • Interlocking tongue-and-groove housing and faceplate
  • High current power inserter that is capable of 30 amperes of AC input
  • Wire mesh gasket to guarantee excellent RF isolation
  • Easily accommodates all mounting configurations
  • Integrated strip gauge
  • Quick and accurate connector pin length
  • 4-stage corrosion protection
  • 360 aluminum alloy housing is the most corrosive resistant alloy material on the market
  • Housing impregnated with a sealer to eliminate porosity
  • Clear chromate coatings applied inside and out to protect the aluminum and prevent corrosion
  • Two polyurethane coatings are applied for superior protection
  • High current capacity for extreme situations
  • The capacity to withstand 25 amperes for two hours if main line is short circuited under extreme fault conditions
  • Available high current electronic crowbar device
  • Engages when voltage exceeds 180 V
  • Fuse holder for each leg

Data Sheets:

Milenium 1 GHz Line Passives

Milenium 1.2 GHz Line Passives

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