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About Us The standard for product innovation and customer satisfaction in the broadband industry.

Market Leader

Founded by engineer Danny Tang, our company has always been driven by innovation and commitment to quality. Antronix paved the way for the explosive growth of the broadcast cable television in the 1980s and has remained at the forefront of the cable television delivery industry. For the past 30 years our innovative products have set the industry benchmarks for cutting-edge technology and performance. Our commitment continues to be developing the processes and components that will maintain broadband systems' viability and relevance.

Today, Antronix is the market leading manufacturer and supplier of drop passives, mainline passives, and multi-taps in North America, with a solid reputation for consistent quality and superior performance. Antronix-branded products are used by all major American cable operators, and are the most widely used across the country's networks.

From our headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey to our seven manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, and on through to delivery to our customers, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We provide a wide range of products to meet the expanding technological needs of today and tomorrow's cable television services. We relentlessly pursue product and process improvements to surpass our customers' expectations and guarantee our continued success.

Engineering Innovation

Antronix products are not only designed to meet the demands of modern broadband systems, but to also carry our customers and their networks into tomorrow. We provide solutions for the challenges of interactive return services and advanced digital applications - resolving ingress, equalizing return signals, and otherwise optimizing networks. And Antronix products, such as our Milenium Series of multi-taps, allow legacy components to get a technological boost with minimal or no service interruption and without prohibitive investment.

From conception to manufacturing, our vertically integrated business model provides unmatched quality, reliability, and cost efficiency. Our Technology Center, located at our corporate headquarters in New Jersey, continues three decades of innovation tradition. Antronix uses the latest CAD/CAE design tools during production design, synthesis, and simulation, ensuring the best quality and exacting specifications from the first production run. We design products with a "design for manufacturing" philosophy. Every designed product gets to market quickly, can be produced cost effectively, and are meant to optimize our customers' networks.

Our world class ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China run high volume lines in more than 300,000 square feet of production space, while meeting MIL-STD-105D standards and other strict quality procedures.

The Antronix manufacturing process utilizes the best in material, process, and technology.

We hold our vendors to stringent quality standards and the Quality Assurance Team in Antronix facilities uses statistical metrics to ensure minimal unit-to-unit variation. Our factories produce higher quality products, in less time, with fewer defects than our competitors. The result: lower cost of ownership for cable operators and greater customer satisfaction to end users.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is the touchstone of our business. Every Antronix employee is committed to providing unparalleled support at every point of contact with our customers.

Antronix is invested in our clients' financial health, and understand that inventory management is an important element of effective operations and profitability. We use our vast industry knowledge and years of experience to help clients forecast, and to maintain acceptable inventory levels based on build and rehab needs.

We take pride in not only meeting, but anticipating and surpassing the rapidly advancing technological needs of our customers. Our 100 percent vertically integrated business allows us to be responsive to customer needs. Our culture of innovation allows us to maintain the highest quality and cost efficiency. Our wide distribution partnerships allow us to be reliable.

We help our customers provide excellent service to their customers. Contact us today.

Neil Tang

Neil Tang President, CEO

Juan Bravo

Juan Bravo Chief Strategy Officer

Bill Warner

Bill Warner General Manager

Tony DiPace

Tony DiPace Strategic Planning Manager

Jim Taxdahl

Jim Taxdahl Vice President of Sales U.S.

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