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Out of the box, in every box. Cost effective innovations are the hallmark of every Antronix design. Grounding Blocks Antronix Drop Passives MoCA made simple. Antronix's suite of MoCA optimized residential amplifiers make MoCA installations easy.


Antronix offers a comprehensive line-up of devices for your optical networks. For FTTx, MDU, or FTTT systems, we provide space efficient high density transmitters and receivers, amplifiers, premise nodes, and end of line devices. Our optical solutions are designed for optimal performance and easy deployment in enterprise, residential, mixed use, and high density applications.

L-Band Satellite


Antronix's L-Band Optical Transmitters and Optical Receivers designed specifically for satellite communication offers high performance and multiple configurations for the widest range of needs and applications.

HEO Product


High power Optical Transmitters and high density Optical Receivers provide limitless flexibility for broadcast and narrowcast services.

Antronix's Inverse Fiber Amplifier

End of Line

Antronix's Inverse Fiber Amplifier is the solution for nextgen networks – extending reach and improving subscriber experience.

AFN Optical Mini Node

AFN Optical Micronode

Compact and cost-effective, the broad family of Antronix’s bi-directional optical mini nodes are designed for flexibility, low power consumption, and excellent distortion performance.


The Intercept family of products provides cross-tech compatible end-to-end answers for every challenge in RF and optical signal transmission architectures.


Antronix Fiber To The Tap devices are designed to work together to provide cost effective, easy to implement, and manageable solutions for delivering Gigabit data service within existing and nextgen HFC architectures.

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