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The Future of HFC is Here

Intercept eHFC™ represents the latest innovation in broadband delivery technology: a hybrid fiber coaxial end-to-end broadcast access network platform. Intercept’s family of products will give cable service providers the capability to use high capacity PON links to enhance existing DOCSIS data capacity and provide multi-gigabit symmetrical data to subscribers, while significantly reducing the cost-per-bit rate.

The Intercept platform of products includes end-to-end solutions for RF and optical signal transmission architectures: Node + 0, FTTC, and FTTP. Intercept is 100 percent transparent, seamlessly integrates with most existing infrastructures, and is fully compatible with all generations of DOCSIS, RFoG, and MoCA 1.0 and 2.0.

These devices are part of the Teleste Intercept technology platform – a joint venture between Antronix and Teleste. The best of breed access network enables a smooth evolution towards automatically adjustable networks that can be managed remotely, and scaled efficiently and economically to meet system data and video demands. See for more information.

Continuum Series

Access Class Hybrid Networks Active & Passive Devices

Lancet Series

1.2 GHz eHFC™ Wide Band Optical Taps

Elipse Series

1.2 GHz Wide Band eHFC™ Tap with Distributed DOCSIS Cable Modem

Concert Series

In-home Networking Devices

Orbit Series

Headend & Hub Central Office Management Equipment

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