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MoCA made simple. Antronix's suite of MoCA optimized residential amplifiers make MoCA installations easy. More bits, same bucks. Looking for a cost effective transition to DOCSIS 3.1? Antronix MGT Series Milenium Taps deliver 1.2GHz spectrum today, using your existing design footprint and cascades.

Mainline Passives

Antronix offers an extensive series of mainline passives to meet every design requirement, and to support the DOCSIS 3.1 extended bandwidth. We manufacture and distribute 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz power inserters, line splitters, and directional couplers that can handle 15 amperes continuously on all ports. As an additional reliability measure, all units can withstand 25 amperes for two hours. The mainline passives can also withstand multiple 6 kV surges (per IEEE C62.41-1991 Cat. B3). Antronix mainline passives have a 4-stage corrosion protection process to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

To ensure our mainline passives exceed industry performance standards, Antronix has developed a proprietary ferrite core material and circuit design. This design, and an environmentally robust housing, provide unmatched performance and reliability.

With the C-series, Antronix offers high-current mainline passives. The PCB is mounted in the housing, rather than in the faceplate, so upstream and downstream signal and power are uninterrupted during troubleshooting or repairs.

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