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Milenium Series Multi-Taps

The Antronix Milenium MGT series of 1.2 GHz multi-taps lead the broadband industry in performance and reliability. Our MGT2000-SDPE series of powering taps provide the same performance as well as Wi-Fi and subscriber NIU powering. All Milenium taps provide low insertion loss, feature Antronix's patented CamPort® and offer E-Option signal conditioning plug-in options. Milenium tap faceplates mate to the Antronix USP baseplate for continuous video, data, telephone and power during replacement installations. The unmatched flexibility of the Milenium series multi-taps and faceplates with backwards-compatibility allows system engineers to upgrade existing designs expediently and cost-effectively. Milenium multi-taps provide 1218 MHz bandwidth performance in addition to 6kV combination wave surge withstand on all ports. We are developing a MGT faceplate that is compatible with legacy housing to operate beyond 1.2 GHz will allow operators to extend their network's longevity in a retrofit design.

The innovative E-Option signal conditioning multi-tap solves many network problems through a creative and highly cost-effective plug-in. A variety of E-Option signal conditioning plug-ins are available to condition either, or both, the return path and the forward path. E-Option saves money and time while adapting network systems to today's broadband requirements.

Never before has adapting your network to meet the demands and extended frequency of the latest generation of DOCSIS, Fiber Deep, Node +0, or Node + N and Remote PHY architectures been so practical and economical.

With the industry's most comprehensive line of adaptive plug-ins and dB values, an E-Option conditioned network assures the optimal performance across the entire tap cascade and the most effective end of line performance and MER, regardless of architecture or Node output levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Forward/backward compatible with previous versions
  • Patented E-Option drop signal conditioning standard
  • Patented Uninterrupted Signal and Power USP bypass switch
  • Patented auto-seizing CamPort® for reliable drop connection
  • Extended surge protection
  • Rotational seizure posts for aerial and pedestal installation
  • Four stage corrosion protection process: aluminum alloy housing, sealant, chromate coating, baked-on polyurethane coating

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