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Milenium Series Multi-Taps

The Antronix Milenium MGT2000-SE Series 1.2 GHz multi-tap lead the broadband industry in performance and reliability. Milenium series multi-taps provide low insertion loss and feature Antronix patented CamPort® and E-Option signal conditioning plug-in. All Milenium multi-taps mate to the Antronix USP baseplate for continuous video, data, telephone and power during faceplate changes.

The unmatched flexibility of the Milenium series multi-taps allows system engineers to adapt existing designs to new requirements expediently and without a complete system redesign. The MGT2000-SE can quickly and easily be upgraded for Wi-Fi powering or subscriber NIU powering with a simple faceplate exchange. Our MGT2000-SDPE-G2 series 1.2 GHz multi-taps add 1218 MHz bandwidth performance to the Milenium drop power line of multi-taps, and along with our MGT2000-SE-G2 series provide 6kV combination wave surge withstand on all ports.

The innovative E-Option signal conditioning multi-tap solves many network problems through a creative and highly cost-effective plug-in. A single plug-in can help increase signal to noise while suppressing ingress.

Never before has adapting a system to meet the demands of VOD, VoIP, digital and data been so simple. A variety of E-Option signal conditioning plug-ins are available to condition either, or both, the return path and the forward path.

E-Option saves money and time while adapting network systems to today's broadband requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Forward/backward compatible with previous versions
  • Patented E-Option drop signal conditioning standard
  • Patented Uninterrupted Signal and Power USP bypass switch
  • Patented auto-seizing CamPort® for reliable drop connection
  • Extended surge protection
  • Rotational seizure posts for aerial and pedestal installation
  • Four stage corrosion protection process: aluminum alloy housing, sealant, chromate coating, baked-on polyurethane coating

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