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AFN Optical Mini Nodes

Antronix AFN

The Antronix AFN (Antronix Fiber Node) is a technologically advanced, high quality, highly reliable, cost effective, bi-directional optical fiber node.

The unit is available in two versions:

The "H" version has constant RF output over the entire optical input window.
The "L" version's RF output varies with optical input.

The AFN meets full specifications with optical input levels ranging from -8 dBm to 2 dBm.

The receive RF path includes provisions for Antronix's E-Option plug-ins for sloped RF output, as well as user-adjustable padding for optimal forward path setup. An optional return path optical transmitter is available in two versions: Fabry-Perot (FP) and Distributed Feedback (DFB).


The AFN allows the service provider to cost-effectively improve network performance by bringing fiber closer to the end user. Its small size enables placement in most NID boxes, while the robust housing can be used in both indoor and outdoor installations. Ideal for MDUs, such as campuses, hospitals, schools, government institutions, and businesses.



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