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1996 - First hermetically sealed twisted pair multi-tap and first use IDC connectors for powering multi-taps. 1998 - Introduced the world's first and only dual compartment 9 inch multi-tap. 2001 - Introduced the first auto-seizing multi-taps. 2011 - Antronix is the first to produce and deliver 1.2 GHz multi-taps.



Antronix introduces its first product, a 500 MHz zinc alloy diecast splitter with market leading specifications.


The OMT series multi-tap revolutionizes the industry and sets new quality performance benchmarks with a weather resistant housing.


Antronix becomes the first to provide mainline passives with 10 amperes throughput.


Antronix brings CamPort® (Patent No. 4897045), the first auto-seizing F-port, to market. The feature provides zero insertion force and 2000 grams seizing force for maximum contact reliability.


Antronix pushes the limits of multi-tap frequency to 1 GHz with our MGT series.


First hermetically sealed twisted pair multi-tap (Patent No. 5939672) and first use IDC connector for powering multi-taps.


Antronix introduces the market's first dual compartment multi-tap (Patent No. 6074250), greatly expanding application possibilities.


Strong connection meets industry leading multi-tap in the industry's first auto-seizing multi-tap, providing one-step installation and improved reliability.


Antronix introduces E-Option (Patent No. 6570465), drop signal conditioning plug-in modules for multi-taps.


Antronix is the first to extend multi-tap frequency out to 1.2 GHz, increasing spectrum to offer more data and video services and surpassing other broadband suppliers.

Antronix, Inc. is an engineering, design, and manufacturing company founded by engineers, and run by engineers. From the very beginning, Antronix has led the broadband market with industry-changing innovation. When other manufacturers were using die-cast aluminum F-ports, we engineered the first brass F-ports in multi-taps, and boosted outdoor performance by pressure testing outdoor passives. We introduced sealing and corrosion technology in outdoor housings that can endure harsh environmental condition.

As the broadband industry evolves dynamically into advanced two-way applications and beyond, Antronix continues to lead in the manufacture of products that connect and drive the broadband services - bringing entertainment and information into tens of millions of homes in the United States, and more around the world. We have sold more than 30 million multi-taps and mainline passives in the United States alone; allowing the country's biggest multiple system operators to build and maintain their networks on Antronix innovation and product quality

Our extensive design, simulation and synthesis processes ensure unparalleled field reliability. Our system-wide quality control protocols ensure consistent performance, resulting in worry-free drop installations and low total cost of ownership for our clients.

We recognize that every cable network is unique, and that even the smallest design variance can mean significant improvements in performance and efficiency. Our experienced engineers develop products with keen focus on our customers' needs. Our 100 percent vertically integrated manufacturing structure allows us to deliver customer-centric designs. We ensure that every client company receives Antronix products that help it maximize its network and provide optimal service to its customers.