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Let it flow. Antronix MGT Series Milenium Multi-Taps offer an industry leading 1.2GHz of spectrum in a backwards compatible design. MoCA made simple. Antronix's suite of MoCA optimized residential amplifiers make MoCA installations easy. What's in your network's future? At Antronix, the next innovation is always on the horizon.

MPG1007C MoCA Passive Gateway

MoCA Passive

Antronix provides the latest in in-home connectivity with the MPG1007C. This passive point-of-entry device is designed for installations where MoCA-only client set top boxes are being used. It is a central hub for all physical connections within the subscriber home, simplifying installation and activation, and making any other passive devices within the in-home network unnecessary.

Four MoCA-only home network ports (1125-1675 MHz) ensure maximum data rates for MoCA devices. Bi-directional communication is provided between three Access Network ports and the input port, minimizing total noise contribution in the return band. An integrated point-of-entry filter prevents MoCA signals from interfering with adjacent subscribers.

Features & Benefits

  • A multi-port point-of-entry passive device
  • MoCA-optimized
  • Internal MoCA filter
  • Three Access Network ports
  • 4 MoCA-only home networks ports
  • Minimal legacy return band noise
  • Available EZ Mounting Bracket

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