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What's in your network's future? At Antronix, the next innovation is always on the horizon. Out of the box, in every box. Cost effective innovations are the hallmark of every Antronix design. MoCA made simple. Antronix's suite of MoCA optimized residential amplifiers make MoCA installations easy.

MoCA Amplifiers

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Residential Amplifiers MoCA

Antronix's integrated amplifiers provide optimal signal strength and broader bandwidth for superior performance in the MoCA band. With integration they reduce possible points of failure and simplify installation for in-home networking. Our family of amplifiers come guaranteed with the performance and durability of all Antronix devices. They come in several configurations of ports, forward gain, active return, coatings, and installation accessories for flexibility. Several are equipped with VoIP ports and all come with our patented CamPort® auto-seizing F-ports.


  • Integrated MoCA point-of-entry filter prevents MoCA signals from proliferating in the upstream network and interfering with adjacent subscribers
  • Equipped with CamPort® auto-seizing F-ports for superior protection against connection intermittence and improved network reliability
  • Available in unity gain, active, and passive return configurations for a variety of signal performance applications
  • Internal self-terminating switch for optimized VoIP performance during power loss, available on some models
  • 6 kV surge protection on all ports

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