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What's in your network's future? At Antronix, the next innovation is always on the horizon. Out of the box, in every box. Cost effective innovations are the hallmark of every Antronix design. MoCA made simple. Antronix's suite of MoCA optimized residential amplifiers make MoCA installations easy.


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Antronix VRA series VoIP-optimized residential drop amplifiers provide an all-in-one solution for multi-service drop installations and are an ideal and compact solution for triple play subscribers.


  • All models equipped with CamPort® auto seizing F-ports
  • 6 kV Surge protection on all ports for superior electrical hardening performance


  • Reduces potential points of failure by eliminating splitters and F-port contacts
  • Amplified output port is supplemented by dedicated VoIP passive modem output port
  • VoIP passive modem port continues to operate at optimal levels with reduced noise characteristics even when power is disrupted for continuous emergency services reliability
  • Available in multiple Forward and Return Gain designs for a variety of transmission network designs
  • Various housing alloy and port configuration options available