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Philips® Magnavox Compatible Retrofit Multi-Taps & Tap Plates

Antronix RPT Series retrofit tap plates are designed to activate existing Philips® RF signal and power bypass switches to the exacting specifications of the Antronix Milenium Series. The faceplate meets or exceeds all SCTE standards for environmental surge and corrosion resistance. The main line ports are 6 kV combination wave protected, while all drop ports can withstand multiple 6 kV ring wave surges. Reliability is further enhanced with the use of Antronix Eclipse Contact Technology (ECT) conical F-ports. Our compatible RPT1000-E-G2 Series retrofit multi-taps are designed to operate frequencies up to 1218 MHz and feature Antronix's patented drop signal conditioning (E-Option) for the most flexibility available on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to fit Philips® brand housings
  • Rotational seizure posts
  • SCTE-compliant brass F-ports with ECT
  • Four-stage corrosion protection process
  • Heated-treated stainless steel hardware with proprietary plating
  • Color-coded multi-tap values for easy identification
  • Capacitively coupled F-ports

Additional Features & Benefits of the RPT1000-E-G2 Series

  • E-Option drop signal conditioning
  • Integrated drip wells, numbered ports, and strip gauge
  • Ribbed main line entry ports


Philips Compatible Retrofits

Philips® Compatible Retrofit Taps & Plates

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